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Deal slippage:  Uncovering the hidden cost in your sales pipeline

You've seen it happen before - the sales pipeline was looking great until two weeks before the end of the quarter, then it basically falls off a cliff!  The deals are still there.  Marketing are producing leads.  The sales team are still celebrating new wins and the sales funnel looks healthy.  But it just happened again: dreaded "DEAL SLIPPAGE" means you might not make target this quarter.  

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Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello QuarterOne - how we're revolutionising revenue forecasting

Introducing QuarterOne...

Let’s be honest.  Our idea for QuarterOne started life out of a very common frustration felt by sales and finance teams everywhere.  Having worked together, in senior financial positions, for a couple of amazing businesses, we couldn’t believe there wasn’t a better solution for producing a sales forecast. Every time the CEO said “we need a new revenue forecast for the board”, you could hear the groans from the sales and finance teams a mile away. 

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Revenue Forecast vs. Sales Pipeline – what’s the difference?

If you've ever managed a small business, no doubt at some point you've been asked to prepare a forecast, normally under the premise that the company's board or investors want to see some updated figures. 

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